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Grace Townley-Lott

Grace Townley-Lott LMSW, is the Director of the True Memory Care program at True Care, which provides additional support to our clients with memory impairment through a strengths-based care plan that maximizes independence, comfort, and engagement. With over a decade of experience working specifically with clients with dementia-related conditions and their families, she enjoys building connections and opportunities for expression through creative engagement. After work, you can find Grace reading, painting, or creating artistic specialty cakes.

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I Think My Loved One Has Dementia. What’s Next?

Posted by Grace Townley-Lott in Alzheimer's & Dementia

If you’ve noticed memory lapses or behavioral changes in someone you care about, thinking about next steps can seem overwhelming and intimidating. Many people avoid exploring these changes, for fear of receiving a diagnosis like Alzheimer’s disease.

While inaction may be tempting, there are several reasons to examine a shift in cognition. First, there are many possible causes for memory loss, and a number of these causes are treatable. And if your loved one does receive a diagnosis, it may actually provide some relief; he or she has likely noticed their own cognitive changes and putting a name to their experience can validate that they are going through something real.

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