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The Branding team manages all digital marketing for True Care. This includes our website, blog copy, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, the intranet, office design, promotional items, internal communication, and more.

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Medicare to Medicaid: A How-To Guide

Posted by True Care Staff in Insider News

Here’s a question we get asked a lot via Live Chat, “I need a home health aide for my loved one but they only have Medicare, not Medicaid. Can you help?”

The short answer is, “Yes, we can.”

At True Care, our intake specialists are trained to handle these unique cases. For the purposes of this blog, we turned to our Director of Business Development, Michael Kleinman for answers. We asked Michael what happens when someone comes in asking for home care services, they need an HHA to come to their home, but they have Medicare, not Medicaid.

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The Benefits of Becoming a True Caregiver

Posted by True Care Staff in Insider News

You may have seen one of our many recruiting ads on social media for True Care Hiring Events in NYC and Westchester County. Becoming a True Caregiver is quick and easy if you are already a certified home health aide in NYC. However, if you are interested in becoming a caregiver but have little to no experience and do not hold a certification from the state, True Care has created a Home Health Aide Certification Program where we help potential applicants get trained and certified near their home for little or no cost. Once you are certified and ready to join True Care, you can immediately apply to be a True Caregiver with us.

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How to be an Involved Caregiver

Posted by True Care Staff in Caregiver Corner

Our caregivers work hard so that our clients may have the highest quality of life as possible while in their care. Being an efficient caregiver requires learning strategies for planning, problem-solving, and for taking care of yourself. Studies show that caregivers - whether they are home health aides or family members - are at high risk of burnout, stress-related illness, depression, fatigue, and even loss of friends and strained family relations if they do not look after their own health and well-being. 

Caring for someone who has a chronic illness or disease, helping them bathe, dress, and keeping their environment clean and healthy requires a level of strength and stamina that many are unaware of.

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True Care now offers Private Duty Nursing

Posted by True Care Staff in Insider News

True Care is happy to announce our new service: Private Duty Nursing.

Meet our Director of Private Duty Nursing, James Frand. James started as an EMT volunteer then worked for the 911 system and decided to go into the nursing track, as opposed to a paramedic, after that. He chose to continue on that path ever since acquiring a Master’s degree in Nursing and experience as an administrator and director of nursing. This gives him the unique ability to run both sides of the program; one being client advocacy and the other being the administrative side, which includes hiring our nurses and staffing our cases.

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Rita and Sara Create a Children's Book

Posted by True Care Staff in Insider News, in Alzheimer's & Dementia

Rita and Jodie meet each week as part of True Care’s Memory Care program. They often do creative writing activities which keep Rita’s brain active and as healthy as possible despite her memory impairment. One particular afternoon, during one of their sessions together, Jodie and Rita starting working on a book. They didn’t know where this activity would lead them; all they knew was that it was fun and they enjoyed creating something together.

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Success Stories: How CDPAP Helped a Mother and her Child

Posted by True Care Staff in Insider News

April is Autism Awareness Month and we'd like to share a special success story with you. Daria, True Care's CDPAP Program Manager, brought to our attention a case that she recently handled. It is a story about a single mother who is caring for her autistic son and came to us for help. Her child has been diagnosed with several mental health problems. She wanted to care for her child at home due to the fact that she had no one else to care for her child and no one who would fully be able to understand and manage her child's special needs. She came into our Brooklyn office asking about our Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) hoping to enroll her and her son to receive benefits. 

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