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Success Stories: How CDPAP Helped a Mother and her Child

April is Autism Awareness Month and we'd like to share a special success story with you. Daria, True Care's CDPAP Program Manager, brought to our attention a case that she recently handled. It is a story about a single mother who is caring for her autistic son and came to us for help. Her child has been diagnosed with several mental health problems. She wanted to care for her child at home due to the fact that she had no one else to care for her child and no one who would fully be able to understand and manage her child's special needs. She came into our Brooklyn office asking about our Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) hoping to enroll her and her son to receive benefits. 

At first glance, Daria knew that this mom was not eligible for CDPAP. However, she knew she wanted to find a way to help this child receive the care they so desperately needed. She took a chance. The child was extensively evaluated by nurses and social workers to determine whether or not this special case could be serviced through True Care's CDPAP program. After much deliberation Daria was pleased to announce that:

"Miracle happened. Insurance approved this kid for CDPAP service. And they did a big exception for this [mother]. Right now she is taking care [of] her [child]. She's able to stay at home. She's able to [earn] some income for her family. And she is very happy."

Naturally, this single mother was so delighted and grateful to our staff for working so hard to help her and her son during this time that she came back to our Brooklyn Office with a homemade cake for Daria and her team. It was an emotional encounter, to say the least. 

We at True Care are so proud of our team for not giving up and working so hard to service our client. They truly embody what it means to "Love to Care". Daria had this to say about her experience:

"It's always about opportunity and chance. If you [do] not try, you never know if it [will] happen."




A huge thank you goes out to Daria and her team for sharing this inspiring story. *


*All names have been omitted to protect the identity of our client in accordance with HIPAA law. A stock photo was used for the purposes of this blog post.   

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