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Changing the Way We Care for Your Loved Ones

True Care has come a long way over the years. Our mission is to provide quality home health care by upholding the highest care standards and empowering innovation to make a positive impact. With a passion for empathy, we embrace a diverse environment and promote individual growth to reach the needs of the community and our clients.

How we accomplish this can be seen in our day-to-day interaction with our clients.  One of the most prominent values we continually uphold is our respect for diversity. Cultural preferences are very important to us. Here’s why:

We recently had a client request a Bengali-speaking home health aide. The coordinator was not able to identify a home health aide who spoke Bengali and met the requests of this particular client. The coordinator requested help from her team lead, the supervisor, and the director of the department. Together they worked hard but were still unable to find a match. At this point, our placement coordinator stepped in and worked tirelessly to reach out to all home health aides in hopes of finding a good fit. Finally, through the team’s collaboration, a home health aide was found that spoke Bengali and fulfilled the preferences of the client. They, as well as their family members, were very grateful we did not give up on them. They are currently very happy with their new caregiver. This is how True Care is changing the way we match our clients with caregivers: by getting the whole team involved and working together to meet their needs.

One of our nurses scheduled a routine visit to see a client of ours in Manhattan. However, when the nurse arrived the patient was disappointed that the nurse did not speak Spanish. Our nurse wanted to make sure her patient was heard and properly understood, so they called the main office and spoke with the Clinical Nurse Manager. The nurse manager realized that we did not have a nurse in that area that speaks Spanish but understood the importance of sending a nurse who could communicate both effectively and comfortably with our client. The nurse manager contacted our Spanish-speaking nursing staff who typically visit the remaining four boroughs and was able to find one in Queens that was able to rearrange her schedule and travel to see our client. This nurse has now been assigned to our Manhattan client on a permanent basis, even though the rest of the week they are in Queens. This is how True Care is changing the way we communicate with our clients: by going the extra mile and making sure our clients have a voice.

We have a patient who is Orthodox Jewish and has specific cultural diet restrictions and cultural preferences related to their Sabbath. The patient’s daughter asked us to prepare and orient the home health aides for her mother so they are aware of the cultural needs. We developed a specialized training program for her caregiver so they can address the personal preferences of the client and her daughter. Our quality assurance department makes daily follow up phone calls with our client’s daughter and the home health aide when there is a staffing change so we can assist with all questions and address any challenges to ensure our client’s preferences are taken into consideration every step of the way. The daughter is thrilled to be able to depend on us to provide this specialized training so she is not obligated to teach the home health aides herself. This is how True Care is changing the way we train our caregivers: by integrating this specialized protocol into our general training program, it is now implemented with every caregiver who is assigned to this type of client.




Home care is not one size fits all. At True Care we understand that each case is unique, each person we care for is not like the next. Our communities depend on us because we see them as individuals, not as numbers and we're changing the way we care for your loved ones, so that you may have peace of mind knowing they are well taken care of. 

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Written by Laura Silverstein Laura Silverstein

Laura Silverstein, MSN, RN, WCC is the Director of Patient Services at True Care. She has worked in a variety of home health care settings over the past 10 years. Laura received her Master's Degree in Nursing Management and Leadership and is also Wound Care Certified.