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Is CDPAP Right For You?

We all wish that we could spend more time with our loved ones. When we need care, the family becomes even more important and we wish that we could be cared for by those we know, love, and trust. 

However, we know that our families can’t afford to choose between quality time and work, and juggling between the two can lead to burnout, stress, and gaps in care. 

However, in the state of New York, families have another option – CDPAP.

CDPAP stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program. CDPAP allows persons who are in need of home care services to hire their loved ones who will be compensated for providing hours of care. 

True Care, a family-oriented home care agency, has assisted thousands of New York families to enroll in CDPAP which translates to thousands of family units being able to care for each other when it matters most and earn a wage from care.

There are so many benefits for families that choose CDPAP as their care plan.


Persons feel empowered when they can hire and supervise a personal assistant of their choosing. This is someone whom they know understands their needs and wants, speaks their language, and shares their history. CDPAP allows Medicaid recipients in New York the freedom to hire almost anyone they want. 

Emotional Support

You will receive support from someone that you know cares about you and your wellbeing. This is someone who has an expressed vested interest in your health and emotional wellbeing. You already know and trust this person and both of you can spend hours of quality time together – building even stronger family ties. 

Your CDPAP personal assistant should be someone whose company you enjoy, who understands your health and home care needs and is capable enough to address each issue with compassion. 


One of the main benefits is that you will be able to compensate your loved ones for the care they provide. This will allow them to focus on you and your needs instead of worrying about the time and income lost while providing care. 

In addition to the benefits of CDPAP, we encourage persons considering this option to have an open and honest look at who they select as a personal assistant. Here are some questions that you can use to refine your options.

Here are four questions we recommend you ask yourself before selecting a personal assistant.

What is the person’s availability?

It is important to make sure that the person you wish to be your personal assistant actually has the time to care for you and at the hours of the day you need care and attention.

Do they have experience providing home care?

Prior experience in home care or home health is not mandatory to be part of CDPAP, however, having prior experience can make a big difference. Persons who have worked as home health aides, nurses, personal assistants, or caregivers would make ideal candidates. A close friend or family member may still provide quality care and can learn how to attend to your needs. 

Are you comfortable with their personality?

Caring comes more naturally for some people than for others. They feel a sense of completion and responsibility in caring for the sick, elderly or disabled. As a result, make sure that your candidate is compassionate and understanding of the tasks associated with your care and the realities of your circumstances such as incontinence, bathing, and mobility challenges to name a few. And make sure you are comfortable spending a significant amount of time with this person. 

Do you have a relationship with this person?

It is best to pick a personal assistant that knows you well — your habits, behaviors, likes, and dislikes. Children, siblings, close friends, or previously hired aides are often great choices. Having a personal assistant that understands your needs, and with whom you have a strong relationship, will allow them to provide better care.

Is It Time for CDPAP?

Choosing a caregiver is a big decision but it is also rewarding and empowering for you and your family. If you think CDPAP is the right fit for your life, discuss it with your family, choose your candidate and give True Care a call to find out how we can access your Medicaid benefit so you can enroll as soon as possible. 


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