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Painting with Scissors: A Matisse-inspired Art Workshop

As part of the Care Connection Community Class in conjunction with the Alzheimer's Foundation  of America (AFA), True Care was pleased to facilitate A Matisse-Inspired Workshop. This workshop uses the fine art of Henri Matisse's "Cut-Outs" series as inspiration for a technique we like to call "Painting with Scissors." It was a wonderfully engaging class where those in attendance were clients of our memory care program as well as invited community guests.


The workshop started off with a little music and a look at some of Matisse's exceptional work in the series he focused on when he fell ill. Participants in the workshop shared what inspires them in their daily lives before working on their own Matisse-inspired projects. 


Each participant was then asked to choose sheets of colored paper that they would like to work with by either using the stencils provided or cutting pieces out freehand. They were instructed to arrange the pieces on their canvas prior to gluing them. The completed artworks were then placed on a matte frame to enjoy at home.


This workshop was a delightful success. Both clients and caregivers had a wonderful experience expressing themselves in a new way and with a new medium. Stay tuned for the next workshop coming up on April 10th, 2019


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