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Can You Reduce Your Client’s Fall Risk?

Posted by True Care Staff in Caregiver Corner

Falls can be so spontaneous and sudden that caregivers and their clients can feel that it could not be prevented, but this is not true.

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6 Ways to Prevent Heat Stroke in Seniors

Posted by True Care Staff in Caregiver Corner, in home care, in heat, in summer

Heat stroke is a danger to all, but it is a severe risk for seniors. Older bodies are less sensitive to changes in temperature and can’t adjust either. So, seniors might not even notice that they’re overheating – until they become unwell. Chronic health conditions and common medications also make it harder for the body to respond to heat.

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What Services Can Your HHA Provide?

Posted by True Care Staff in Caregiver Corner

Inviting a home health aide into your home is a big move in the right direction. Your home health aide is meant to assist you in several personal and health care activities that may have become difficult due to age, declining health, or illness.  

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Is CDPAP Right For You?

Posted by True Care Staff in Caregiver Corner

We all wish that we could spend more time with our loved ones. When we need care, the family becomes even more important and we wish that we could be cared for by those we know, love, and trust. 

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HHA HACKS: How to Care for Patients with Memory Challenges

Posted by True Care Staff in Alzheimer's & Dementia, in Caregiver Corner

Dementia is a disorder of the brain that causes memory and behavioral changes. 

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HHA Hacks: My client won’t eat!

Posted by True Care Staff in Caregiver Corner

As a home health aide ensuring that your client has nutritious meals is a very important part of your daily duties. You may be called upon to serve pre-prepared meals or even prepare them yourself with the guidance of the dietary instructions in the Plan of Care.

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