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Stay Healthy and Happy: Wash Your Hands

Posted by Funda Fernandez in Health & Lifestyle

‘Tis the season… for cold and flu. There are several ways germs spread, but the most common is from contaminated hands. This is why handwashing is so important, especially during cold and flu season. However, there are some simple things we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Washing hands often will lessen the chances you will get and spread germs. Get the whole family involved and help everyone stay happy and healthy.

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AFA & True Care: Artist in Residency Workshop with Jodie Berman

Posted by Kelly La Rosa in Alzheimer's & Dementia

Last month we announced True Care’s cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America as part of their Artist in Residency Program generously supported by a grant from the Louis & June Kay Foundation. True Bridge -True Care’s memory care program dedicated to empower, encourage, and engage individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other cognitive impairments- sponsored a four-week workshop under the instruction of Jodie Berman CTRS, True Care's Director of Programs and Engagement.

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It's National Caregiver Appreciation Day!

Posted by True Care Staff in Caregiver Corner

Today is National Caregiver Appreciation Day! At True Care, we want you to know that your patience and work ethic is acknowledged and appreciated. We admire, value, and recognize the work that you do for our clients with kindness and compassion. You are more than just a caregiver. We see that you've become a part of their family.

For today, we created this special video message for all of our True Caregivers.

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How to Stay Active During the Winter Months

Posted by Funda Fernandez in Health & Lifestyle

As fall and winter roll around, it can become a challenge to find the motivation and methods to stay active. The days are shorter, colder, and rain or snow may prevent you from going outdoors. It takes some creativity to get the exercise necessary to remain healthy.

Maintaining physical activity is important for everyone, but is especially vital for older adults. The need to maintain physical fitness increases as we age. Daily exercise not only keeps you healthy, but it also helps you lead a happier life throughout your retirement years. 

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How to Respond to an Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Posted by Grace Townley-Lott in Alzheimer's & Dementia

When you hear that someone you love has just received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, you may feel overwhelmed. You may also wonder what to do next. While everyone’s situation is different, here are a few suggestions that might help you feel more in control. 

It’s okay to grieve. This is one of the first things you need to know. In fact, it’s okay to feel whatever emotions you are experiencing at this time. An Alzheimer’s diagnosis signals that your family will undergo many changes and change can be hard. Your roles will shift from what they were, and it will take time to adjust. The best thing you can do is to find support, whether it’s with a counselor, your close friends, your faith community, or a support group. 

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5 Ways to Appreciate Your Caregiver

Posted by Kelly La Rosa in Caregiver Corner

Did you know that November is National Caregiver Appreciation Month? We at True Care take sincere pleasure each year in coming up with different ways to show our caregivers how much we appreciate them during the month of November. We’d like to share some of this insight with you on how you too can show your caregiver how grateful you are for the care they offer each day.

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