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Seize the opportunity to appoint your own caregiver as True Care walks you through every step of the registration process

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We’re with you every step of the way.

When enrolling with CDPAP, most agencies do not provide the level of support that you need. At True Care, you can expect us to stay by your side through every stage of the authorization and registration process:


Introductory Call

To start the enrollment process for a Home Health Aide, a member of our team will first reach out to complete an introductory call. Our helpful, experienced personnel are ready to answer any of your enrollment questions and to help explain more about the eligibility process.


In-Home Visit

Next, we send a representative to your home to help you complete enrollment paperwork. Medicaid paperwork can be confusing and time-intensive. True Care clients enjoy the benefit of a social worker’s assistance, ensuring documents are submitted in a timely fashion.


Medicaid & Insurance Evaluations

Both Medicaid and your family member’s insurance company will need to complete evaluations with the person receiving care. Our team helps facilitate these evaluations by scheduling calls and being there for the client before, during and after the evaluation to answer any questions.



Getting authorized can be a waiting game. Our team stays in touch with Medicaid and insurance representatives so you don’t have to. With constant communication with these teams, True Care gets quick updates on your case and makes sure the process is moving forward.


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