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Andrea's Angels Inc. is a True Care Family Company dedicated to community and care. Our goal is to provide services to the elderly, blind, disabled, and those needing assistance maintaining their independent lifestyle.

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Read more about our comprehensive in-home assistance designed to meet every individual’s
unique care needs
Independent Living Skill Independent Living Skills Training focuses on clients who have suffered a traumatic or acquired brain injury. We help establish independence by providing training baseline skills, communication, personal care, decision making, interpersonal skills and more.
Homemaker/ Personal Care - Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Our personal care providers and homemakers are dedicated to helping clients with every day tasks. Everything from assisting with daily activities, ambulation, dressing, personal hygiene to meal preparation, shopping, laundry and more.
Transition Coordination Services (TCS) Our Colorado Transition Coordination Services program and Independent Living Skills Program are both in accordance with the Colorado TCS-ILST Program. We are equipped and happy to help willing and able long-term care facility residents who receive Medicaid benefits, transition into the community.