How Truly Inspired™ stands apart

Truly Inspired™ provides cutting-edge caregiver training and side-by-side support to help our clients stay connected to what’s important and live inspired. Upon admission, our innovative Strengths and Rhythm Assessment visit equips everyone with valuable knowledge about the individual’s strengths rather than deficits. Drawing on this unique assessment and other educational tools, our staff empowers clients and their loved ones to stay actively connected over time.

Our Truly Inspired™ clients rediscover purpose through activities as inspiring as re-exploring lifelong passions, and as simple as collaborating to create a homemade meal. Individuals engage in inspiring activities like collaborative meal preparation and practice of lifelong hobbies. Motivated by our experienced caregivers, they are empowered to embrace the strength they have; to revel in that which ignites their passion; to explore, create, communicate, & love—even when memory is a challenge. 

For Clients & Families

  • Strengths & Rhythm Assessment to establish a stronger client-caregiver connection
  • Side-by-side support with everything from cooking and activities of daily living to engaging in community and home-based programs
  • Comprehensive nursing assessments throughout all stages of illness

For Healthcare Professionals

  • Professional workshops on supporting and inspiring clients with memory loss
  • Unique technique training catered to specific clients
  • Lunch and learn opportunities
  • Continuing education events for social workers

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